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April 15, 2009, C-SPAN broadcast a panel discussion of “Enemy of the State” and its relevance to the upcoming trials of Radovan Karadzic in The Hague and the Khmer Rouge leaders in Cambodia. Watch Now>

View the discussion of "Enemy of the State" featuring co-author Michael Scharf, Nuremberg Prosecutor Henry King, and National Public Radio commentator Daniel Maulthrop, held at the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage on December 10, 2008.

"[Enemy of the State] offers a detailed, inside account of the court's creation and its proceedings, including gavel-to-gavel coverage of the trial itself and legal analysis of its decision. The book offers many insights and revelations omitted by contemporary media accounts, and places the tribunal in its broader international law context."
--The Volokh Conspiracy Blog (Read more)

On the two year anniversary of Saddam's execution, WCPN interviews Michael Scharf. Listen Now>

Gulf News, book review of "Enemy of the State," October 24, 2008, at p. 24

"When Saddam was being tried in Baghdad, no one needed to issue orders for a curfew, as the people remained at home, their eyes glued to the televisions.
'Enemy of the State,' a book authored by Newton and Scharf, has the same effect on readers. The book is a chronicle of the trial and a behind-the-scenes account of its goings-on - where the phrase 'one of the most important chaotic trials in history' seems to become an understatement." Read more>

Watch Michael Newton on WSMV 4 News with Dennis Ferrier

Watch the “Enemy of the State” Panel Discussion

Listen to an interview with Newton and Scharf discuss their book and the Saddam trial on PRI "The World", July 16, 2008.
(mp3 file)

Listen to the authors read excerpts from the book.


Michael A. NewtonOther Works by Michael A. Newton
co-author of Enemy of the State: The Trial and Execution of Saddam Hussein

Recent Scholarly Articles and Book Chapters
by Michael Newton

How the International Criminal Court Threatens Treaty Norms, 49 Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law (forthcoming 2016)

Charging War Crimes: Policy and Prognosis, Chapter 28 in The Law and Practice of the International Criminal Court: A Critical Account of Challenges and Achievements (Carsten Stahn editor, Oxford University Press, 2015)

Prosecuting Maritime Piracy: Domestic Solutions to International Crimes, Cambridge University Press (2015) (with Michael P. Scharf and Milena Sterio)

Proportionality in International Law, Oxford University Press (2014)

Evolving Equality: The Development of the International Defense Bar, 47 Stanford Journal of International Law 379 (2011) (Winner, International Association of Penal Law, American National Section Article of the Year Award 2011, Awarded for Scholarly Contribution to the Field)

The Quest for Constructive Complementarity, in The ICC and Complementarity: From Theory to Practice, (Cambridge University Press, 2011) (Carsten Stahn & Mohamed El Zeidy, eds.)

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A selection of Op-Eds and Scholarly Commentary
by Michael Newton

Crimes Against Humanity in Burma (July 2008)

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Enemy of the State
The Trial and Execution of Saddam Hussein
by Michael A. Newton and Michael P. Scharf


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